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Lylux, an international brand studying personal care and home aesthetics technology globally, was founded in Hong Kong and features an international team of nearly 100 engineers, scientists and software developers. It commits to popularizing the scientific and technological concept of natural and healthy personal care and exploring innovative technologies in line with ergonomic home aesthetics.

Finally, through continuous research, user testing and advanced testing of hydrodynamic simulation technology, it has developed and designed a wireless hair dryer which breaks the hot air drying mode of traditional wired hair dryers, instead of promoting low-temperature quick drying, with temperature control below 55℃, and it uses a 110,000-revolution high-power motor, making it three times faster than other hair dryers. At the same time, this wireless hair dryer is simpler, removing the complex parts, and it upgrades the wireless hair dryer design by adopting the latest lithium battery application development technology, which can adapt to more diversified life scenes, and also reduce some potential safety hazards and tediousness that may occur in the use process. This adds more human beauty to personal care technology and greatly improves the beautiful experience of life.