Yes! No Cord All Free

Lylux cordless hair dryer. It is time to throw your cord! Every girl should have one for your best look any time.
Powerful & Professional

Technical Details

Using high-end technology to blow-dry your hair safely and quickly in a modern way, allowing you the freedom to travel.

Smooth & frizz-free

131℉/55℃ Constant Temperature

Intelligent constant temperature protects your hair from heat damage for frizz-free hair and gives you an SPA experience. Keeping your hair naturally shiny.

Easy to use

Intelligent Switch

Intelligent 2-heating control and 3-wind speed help prevent your hair from extreme heat damage and quickly set your hairstyle. Smart Led light shows the electricity level.

At your command

Magnetic concentrator

Magnetic concentrator can easily rotate 360 degrees, styling your hair one way at a time and quickly blow-drying hair with precise airflow.



It is unsafe to use a traditional blow dryer in a damp bathroom. Coated with waterproof paint outside and inside, Lylux is safe to use in wet condition.

High efficiency

88W Fast Charging

With 88W fast charging base to charge via wall charger, it can recharge to 80% in only 30 min and full in 45 min.

Ultra-light to carry

Compact & Sleek Design

Designed in small size and sleek appearance, it is great to take it on the go, like camping, swimming or hitting in the gym.

What's In The Box

  • Lylux cordless and bladeless hair dryer X1
  • 88W fast charging base with wall charger X1
  • 360° magnetic concentrator X1
  • Travel bag X1
  • User manual X1
  • 88

    Watt fast charging
  • 131

    ℉ Constant Temp.
  • 15000

    mAh battery capacity
  • 110000

    RPM Brushless motor

Blow-dry Hair Anytime Anywhere

  • PET

    Usually pets don't stay still when you are blow-drying their hair. This really can be so annoying. While lylux can peace your mind and remove the limitation for you, so you can blow-dry your dog's hair anywhere they want.


    No limits, more freedom. Break out of the damp bathroom. You can blow your hair while toasting the bread and no need to worry about the bread battering. Watching TV while blowing your hair, you will never feel bored again.


    Keep charming as always. Never need to worry about being late for work or getting messy by a gust of wind. No matter you are going to swimming or hitting to the gym, take lylux on the go.

  • KIDS

    131℉/55℃ constant low-heat setting protects kid's hair from over-heat damage. 110000 rpm brushless motor and bladless design make sure hair never get tangled and quickly blow-drying. Super-safe for kid's use.

  • Free Shipping( US,UK,EU)

  • 30 days Money-back Warranty

  • 24 Months Warranty

  • Customer Service Within 24 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Lylux Cordless Hair Dryer

The World's First Bladeless & Cordless Blow Dryer. Cordless & Versatile Hair Dryer Going cordless enables you to carry it on travels or dries other things safely — like a painting or your adorable pet after a bath. Using it...

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Lylux Youth Cordless Hair D...

The World's First Bladeless & Cordless Blow Dryer. Portable and Versatile: going cordless enables you to carry it on travels or dries other things safely — like a painting or your adorable pet after a...

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